Residential Landscaping

Our indoor plantings are usually either container plantings, or in-ground planting areas. We design your indoor plantings to complement and enhance both architecture, and décor. read more


Exterior Plantscaping

Similar to our indoor design service, we base our exterior design upon an architecturally correct viewpoint. Our style is predicted by the period of your home or commercial structure. read more


Commercial and Corporate Landscaping & Plantscaping

The uses of green plants indoors date back for centuries. Studies show that plants in the workplace both reduce stress, and oxygenate the environment. read more

Programs and Services

Property Details offers a program that infuses a natural ambiance throughout the workplace with colorful flowering plants. If you are looking for a year round decorating solution, Property Details offers programs for that as well. Our designers will come to you, open to your suggestions and with proposals on hand. read more
We offer a comprehensive property management program that encompasses all areas of your landscape. We will asses the specific needs of your property and our lawn maintenance professionals will work diligently to groom your grounds, maintain peak plant health, and keep your garden beautiful.
After our professional staff designs and installs your interior plantscape, our trained technical staff works diligently to maintain the appearance and health of it. We make regularly scheduled visits to your location.

Why Choose Us

  • Industry specialists with over 25 years of experience
  • Property Details was established over 10 years ago
  • Expert Design & Project Management
  • Rutgers Certified Master Gardener
  • State licensed Home Improvement Contractor
  • NJ DEP Certified pesticide applicator in 3 categories
  • Member NJ Farm Bureau