About Property Details LLC

With our seasoned professional design staff, Property Details can provide your home or commercial property with the finest in plants, accessories and containers available to suit any space and architectural style. One of our designers will come to your location, survey the conditions, and suggest plants and containers that will thrive in and complement your unique environment.

Our trained installation team then delivers and installs the plants. Following installation, our skilled technicians maintain your plants for you on a regular schedule. We guarantee every indoor plant we service for as long as they are under our care, at no cost to the customer. This assures you that they are looking their best at all times. In the event that a plant does decline, our team of technicians promptly replaces it.

From simple to elegant, functional to funky, Property Details has a huge assortment of container styles from which to choose. We stock porcelain, brass, and concrete containers that not only look good, but last a long time. Our technicians arrange each plant with precision within the chosen container to assure that the look is balanced and proportional. Property Details strives to provide you with a product that looks great, and we back it up with service you can count on.

  • Industry specialists with over 25 years of experience
  • Property Details was established over 10 years ago
  • Expert Design & Project Management
  • Rutgers Certified Master Gardener
  • State licensed Home Improvement Contractor
  • NJ DEP Certified Pesticide Applicator in 3 categories
  • Member NJ Farm Bureau