Interior plantings and color programs:

landscapedesignplans2bOur indoor plantings are usually either container plantings, or in- ground planting areas. We design your indoor plantings to complement and enhance both architecture, and décor. For container plantings, we carefully select size, color, style, and plant material to give your home the final finishing touches that we are known for. We also incorporate silk plants and flowers where light or access is an issue.

When designing your interior landscape, many things come into consideration. Available ambient or artificial light, temperature is usually the primary consideration, along with room temperature, and traffic flow. We carefully analyze these and other essential criteria to arrive at the best in aesthetics and function.

Our Interior Services include:

  • Design and Installation (includes guarantee)
  • Leasing (with guarantee)
  • Maintenance programs
  • Blooming plant programs
  • Holiday Plants
  • Seasonal displays
  • Holiday Decorating
  • Horticultural Event Rentals